EXPLORER wall mounted bulkhead/exitsign

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·Wall mounted emergency bulkhead

Wall mounted emergency bulkheads are an important part of any commercial or industrial building. They are typically installed near exits and other high traffic areas in order to provide a safe, quick and easy way for people to evacuate the building in the event of an emergency.They are usually made from fire-rated materials such as steel or aluminium and are designed to withstand high temperatures and smoke. What's more,wall mounted emergency bulkhead typically have clear, easy-to-read signage and glow-in-the-dark markings to ensure that people can easily find them in an emergency situation.

·Self test led emergency exit sign

Self test led emergency exit signs are an important part of any commercial or industrial building,offering a reliable and cost-effective solution. They help to ensure the safety of occupants in the event of an emergency by providing a clear and visible means of escape.There are several features that make self test led emergency exit sign an effective safety solution.

1.Highly visible, even in low light conditions.

2.Designed to be quick and easy to install, with no need for wiring or batteries.

3.Built-in self-test function that ensures the sign is always working and compliant with safety standards.

·20m visible led bulkhead light

The 20m visible led bulkhead light is a new type of light that has many features that make it ideal for use in a variety of settings.


One of the most notable features of this light is that it is very bright, making it perfect for use in areas where visibility is a concern.

2.Energy efficient

The 20m visible led bulkhead light is also very energy efficient, which makes it an ideal choice for use in areas where power consumption is a concern.


The led bulkhead light which is 20m visibleis also very durable, making it an excellent choice for use outside or in other harsh environments.

·Advantages of wall mounted emergency bulkhead

1.Easy to install

Wall mounted emergency bulkheads are an efficient way to provide emergency lighting in a variety of settings. They are easy to install and can be placed in a variety of locations, making them ideal for use in both residential and commercial settings. Wall mounted emergency bulkheads provide a reliable source of light in the event of a power outage or other emergency situation.

2.Continue working

Wall mounted emergency bulkheads are an effective way to ensure that your family or employees can safely evacuate a building in the event of an emergency. Bulkhead lights are bright and visible, making them easy to find in an emergency situation. They also run on batteries, so they will continue to work even if the power is out.


Wall mounted emergency bulkheads are a cost-effective solution for providing emergency lighting. They are less expensive than traditional standby generators and do not require annual maintenance costs. They are also eco-friendly, as they do not produce emissions or require fuel to operate.

220VAC led bulkhead light  Rated supply voltage 220~240VAC        

replaceable battery led bulkhead light  Battery could be changed        

LiFePO4 battery led bulkhead light  LiFePO4 with longer life

1/3h duration led bulkhead light  1/3h rated duration        

wall mounted emergency bulkhead  Wall mounted installation mode        

Recessed led bulkhead light  Recessed mounted installation mode

self test led emergency exit sign
  Self Test Emergency System        

IP65 led bulkhead light  IP65 ingress protection suitable for indoor and outdoor application          

20m visible led bulkhead light  20M viewing distance(EU)

4-year guarantee led bulkhead light  4-year guarantee(battery 2-year guarantee)     

   CE certification   CB certification   ROHS certification   TÜVRheinland certification


Part No.            Input Valtage            Output Power(MN)            Lumen Output(MN/NN)            Charge Duration            Duration            Battery            Function            
EXP-NN1WN-1H-CD            220~240V            1W            60lm            24H            1H            1.2V 800mAh NICD            BS/ST            
EXP-NN2WN-1H-CD            220~240V            2W            150lm            24H            1H            2.4V 800mAh NICD            BS/ST            
EXP-NN3WN-1H-CD            220~240V            3W            300lm            24H            1H            3.6V 800mAh NICD            BS/ST            
EXP-M1N1W-3H-LI            220~240V            1W            120lm            24H            3H            3.2V 1500mAh LiFePO4            BS/ST            
EXP-M2N2W-1H-LI            220~240V            2W            150lm            24H            1H            3.2V 1500mAh LiFePO4            BS/ST            
EXP-M3N3W-1H-LI            220~240V            3W            300lm            24H            1H            3.2V 1500mAh LiFePO4            BS/ST            
EXP-M3N3W-3H-LI            220~240V            3W            300lm            24H            3H            3.2V 4000mAh LiFePO4            BS/ST            

Note:BS=Basic ST=Self Test DL=DALI IOT=Zigbee System


wall mounted emergency bulkhead

self test led emergency exit sign

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